Rabu, 06 Juli 2011

Android Games; Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six®


The first of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six ® game available on Android devices!

Challenge all levels of the classic original game, updated content and improved

Tools stealth snake many cameras by quieter, more silent weapon upgrades, but elusive

An advanced tactical real-time system to give orders to his team in the heat of battle

Complete the entire game with a maximum of two friends, through local and online co-op modes

An exciting multiplayer mode with 5 exclusive cards to deal with players from around the world

Release Information

Retail delivery of WilsonXC (Samsung Galaxy S)

Both APK files to be cracked Twingo

Download Links / Instructions: Install and use apk WiFi/3G to download the remaining data. After the download is complete, the game has to validate your data file online.

Download :
v1.1.0 (Xperia Play)
v1.0.1 (PowerVR)
SD Data Folder for Samsung Galaxy S + others powerVR

Put it on you SD card folder Gameloft\Games\GloftR6HP

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