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Android Games; Drag Racing 1.0.18

Drag Racing 1.0.18

Requirements: All versions of Android
Overview: The most addictive game drag racing with realistic controls, updated frequently with new features, adds 100k new players every day!
  • Disc 40 + cars that Integra Evo Veyron SS
  • Buy performance upgrades and tune your car
  • Challenge other racers online!
Want more? See "coming soon" below. We are working on more cool stuff 24 / 7!

Have questions? See our link to the site below to Drag Racing FAQ.

PROBLEMS WITH after arriving in the latest update? Settings ---> Multi-Touch ---> ON


1. Racing

- Blue / green lights on the dashboard will help you start and move at the right time

- In the event of wheel spin too much, you're not going anywhere

- Once you learn to drive properly, ignore the lights and find your own winning strategy

- Nitrogen is more effective in low-power cars with lots of grip. Timing is crucial!

2. Cars and second updates

- Test drive before you buy a car!

- The costs of best car, the more difficult it will face opposition from both offline and online

- Improvements to counter the rising costs of car / level for the setting is not

- Keep your car costs just under your level cap to gain an advantage

- Adjusting gear ratios (Garage -> Refresh - Tune ") is expensive, but you can get often is impossible within the parameters of the actions

3. The game modes and profits

- Compete in a beginner / amateur AI to get some fast cash and build a car

Beat the bosses and achievements to unlock additional RP -

- Go online and compete with others to earn cash up / RP

- If your vehicle is ready to shop online, make money on the "Battle of the drivers"

- For the challenge, the final race against the best players in Pro League

4. Several

- Join / DragRacingGame news and strategy

- Try to play with vibration (the menu "Settings")!

Download :
Drag Racing

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