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Android Games; Medieval Castle Defense 1.1.15

Current Version: 01/01/15
Requires Android 1.6 and up
Size: 11.5MB

V1.1.15 Update:
  1. 20110607
  2. Fixed an error, Open World 10
  3. 20110605
  4. World 9-6 stage
  5. Bug.
Medieval Castle Defense shows the classic tower defense game. [World / Stage Extension update]

New World and the additional steps open!

This game features classic tower defense.

Build towers to defend the castle against the enemies escape from the camp.

"Why is not fun for Android?"

"It's the game that I could enjoy on the bus or subway?"

"And 'the game I enjoyed when I'm answering the call of nature?"

"And 'well-made play defense?"

If any of these ideas, strongly recommande this game.

Select towers to fight together thourgh 40 main steps.

Tons of enemies with different abilities will try to conquer your castle.

If you think this step is easy, try to get results.

Download the fun! own little Android FREE!

Gaining Tower System

You start with only two types of towers. However, you can win more rounds you clear the stages.

Cannon, Catapult, slow Tower, the Tower of multiple copies, Tower Network, Mana Drain Tour, teleportation, Bombard Cannon, consumption Ballista tower or choose your lap strategy.

Enemy infantry

Tons of creatures, mana infantry-based priests, healers, shamans, sheep with special needs are included in this game.

Rating System

Which is assessed on a scale of how well the stage is cleared. The more one is, the less you get.

Deployment of the

Do you think the steps are too easy? Try to get achievements.

It will be a challenge.

Download :
Medieval Castle Defense 1.1.15 

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