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Internet Download Manager v6.06 Build 8

** Download the software for free by following the recommended CD!

Internet Download Manager is one of the most powerful download management software. Download Accelerator Manager Danlv This is one of the most unique Rghyb. Speed ​​with which you can download the ultra high-speed Bavrnkrdy. With this software completely compatible with all browsers and all operating systems are available and you can easily install the Download Manager of sites, YouTube, Google Video, MySpaceTV easily without having to download special software in this field. This software can increase download speeds up to 500%. Unlike other download manager to download the files before they are sliced ​​when IDM or internet download and closed quickly. File and download the pieces that work to improve download speeds and will receive a File of the features of this software appears to be simple, support most popular transmitters browsing, easy installation, the ability to download all of the disconnect from the Internet, download and Zmanbdny ... Noted. Download management program is one of the most important tool the Internet is overwhelming us for our Back-up Internet users to connect to the Internet, Diyala, and we use the Internet to download large files you need a good download manager that download files We have divided up into small pieces and parts to download files more quickly. When you download a file off the Internet and download or problems arise. Possible to do multilingual. And the file you downloaded is not without a download manager if you do this you will have to download the file from scratch. Your use of this software you can easily download and the download speed and remaining time to see.I just take a while to download.

Features software, Internet Download Manager v6.06 Final:

- Compatibility with various browsers, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, MSN Explorer, AOL, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozill Firebird, Avant Browser, MyIE2, and all other popular browsers to automatically run a program to download files
- Ability to download more than half of all where the connection is interrupted for some reason
- Download FLV video sites YouTube, Google Video, and MySpaceTV
- Support various proxy servers, like Microsoft ISA, FTP proxy servers
- Quick and easy installation software
- Speed ​​Limiter feature to limit download speed of a specific file
- The ability to categorize files according to personal taste
- Improved User Interface The new version of the program
- For all kinds of viruses downloaded file
- Ability to drag and drop - Drag & Drop Links
- Support for ZIP files and run them after download
- Full support for Windows Xp/2000/2003/Vista
- Supported protocols HTTP, FTP, MMS and HTTPS
- To avoid downloading duplicate files that are already downloading
- A five-fold increase in download speed on the latest techniques
- Support for most languages ​​of the world, including sweet Persian language
- Fully compatible with all Web browsers
- Full support for Windows Vista and improves the speed and download popular Windows 7
- And ... 

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