Rabu, 06 Juli 2011

Android Games; Freestyle Dirt bike v1.04

Freestyle Madness is a simulator of dirt bike lets you experience incredible realism of the dirt due to his racing bike

The amazing physical emulation has 12 bikes and 5 indoor units.

Go as high as you can on the ramps to do tricks and earn extra credits to unlock the bikes and tracks!

The three camera views from behind the cabin and adds another full-screen 3D effect that complements the sense of actually being there.

Each bike comes with the handle of the brake power and funds.

Entering the game from the start menu with stunning 3D!

Game features:
  • Physics awesome
  • Skeletal Animation
  • 16 different tricks
  • 5 runs and 12 motorcycles
  • Great 3D graphics
Requirements: Andoid 1.6 and up

NOTE: minimum 800 MHz processor.

If you can not start app chances are that you must restart your phone.

Download :
Freestyle Dirt bike v1.04
Freestyle Dirt bike v1.04
Freestyle Dirt bike v1.04

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