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Android Games; Bug Village – Build little houses.

Bug Village is a stunning 3D "God game" where you build and maintain a colony of ants and bees. The graphics are smooth and quite breathtaking, as you gradually build your resources, build small house ants and nests of bees. There are dozens of items to purchase which adds considerable depth to the game.

The first thing you need to do is to create resources for the game. To do this, you must create a bunch of stuff. The ants went to work on this together, gather resources, and ultimately raising the acorns in your stash. These are the tasks set ants, and you can adjust the time you want the task to be completed in more resources to do more, you can create. Once you have collected a lot of acorns, you can build some houses, more ants, ants more than poles, more posts, more resources and so on, it has its own social economy in miniature.

You can also earn extra tassels, if you find a ladybug, which fell on the back and can not come up. Press twice his and she arrives at his feet, rewards you with acorns. There are also some unwanted visitors to the Village bugs if you see a bug or stink ant lion you have to chase them (by tapping on them), it also rewards you with acorns. As you can this game is sick sweet and cute, maybe too sweet for some people.

You should also keep your bugs fed. To do buy things for them to chow down on, the options include sugar cubes, biscuits, cakes, cheese or ice clear of forage nutrient scavengers for bugs! So that's where the real value of money is necessary, as the cost of food the most powerful parts you should buy.

It gives you a variety of tasks that help you build your village, build a number of houses have a number of batteries, etc. Somehow it feels a lot like playing CityVille Facebook Farmville or value-added tasks to help you learn game and create his people.

And 'the ability to build a village of exactly how you want it, and plenty of room to grow and popularize the game. There are a wide variety of decorations and extras can be added to the village please ants and bees, such as tables and chairs, flowers, clovers, etc., can really be your creation. Apparently the idea is to drive to the village well and add lots of new ants in their colony. One of the things that allow you to do this is to do in case of notifications previously set the ants are ready to receive the notification comes into play and keep playing / construction / set new tasks. While this may annoy some people (can be turned off) if you have a lot to build your village, make sure your ants are looking at doing nothing, until you return. It takes a little 'time to check into the game and get things working again, as I said, very similar in many ways, one in Farmville, only cuter.

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