Kamis, 14 Juli 2011

Niagara Fall from Above by iPhone

You can not visit Ontario and not to visit Niagara Falls.

Why not? Because it is the most powerful waterfall in North America and all that are too big, too beautiful, too beautiful to pass up. The only problem is that many millions of others feel the same. More than 12 million per year, actually. It is a busy place.

Like many, I visited Niagara Falls as a small child. I went as a teenager and then again last week. Seemed less massive than when I was eight, but nevertheless, I was very happy that they are still there. In popular culture, Niagara Falls has become a touchstone of all time, a symbol that no matter what, some things never change.

People are always awed by the fall and I am no exception. I still respect them and what they are great to inspire people to do: go over the barrels, walking a wire top, trying to write epics and daring feats.

In 2011, there is little I can add to the richness of human worship of Niagara Falls. All I have to offer is a handful of images for the iPhone, some of which fell off a quick helicopter ride over the falls. May fall below the standards set by the Hudson River School, but it's my small contribution to the digital love story continues with the impressive and powerful Niagara Falls.


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