Rabu, 13 Juli 2011

Amazon Horned Frogs Can Reach The Size Of A Small Plate.

The first thing you notice about the Amazon horned frog is its size. These amphibians can grow round 8-inch (20 cm) in length and cover a dish of tea of ​​good size. They are found in freshwater marshes and pools throughout the Amazon basin, Colombia, Brazil.

Amazon horned frogs reach their enormous size, being generally indiscriminate about what they eat. Typical ambush predators, they squeeze their bodies into the forest floor or fallen leaves, leaving only the head showing. When nothing less than their own bodies happens by, they result from the mud and swallow their prey whole, lock their jaws with their sharp teeth.

They are aggressively territorial and voracious an error. Some were found dead in the wild with the remains of a victim unable to play still protruding from their mouths. Their voracious appetite and has earned enormous mouth and other horned frogs commercial PET nickname "Pac Man frogs."

Females are generally larger than males, but males are more richly colored, ranging from dark green to lime colored. Females are usually tan. Researchers are unsure what purpose their namesake horns serve, but it is likely that the assistance they dressed in camouflage, resembling leaf stems in the wild.

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