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Wasps Old Dinosaurs Perched Rotten Eggs?

Wasps may have once perched inside the rotten dinosaur eggs, an idea proposed by the discovery of exceptionally well-preserved fossils of insects in cocoons.

Scientists have recently agreed to explore around the eggs Titanosaurus 70 million years, located in the region of Patagonia Argentina.

Titanosaur belonged to a group of giant plant eaters that included the largest creatures ever to walk the earth. Titanosaur eggs were also high to about 8 inches (20 centimeters) long.

Inside, a sulfur from fossil eggs from Argentina, researchers have found eight small, sausage-shaped structures about an inch (2-3 cm) long and about half an inch (just over an inch) wide .

The strange structure appears to be fossilized insect cocoons are similar in size and shape of cocoons belonging to a range of modern species of wasps.

Key mistakes to clean up the nests of Dino

The authors of the study suggest that the old egg was slightly ajar until hatched. Scavengers such as locusts could be fed egg yolk, and spiders later dined on scavengers.

Wasps may have attacked either the initial or carrion spiders, their eggs in the bodies of these creatures. The wasp offspring then spun their cocoons inside rotten eggs.

The finding could be the first evidence of invertebrates such as crickets in eggs of dinosaur exploration because it is "the first time [wasp] blossoms are associated with a dinosaur egg," said co-author Jorge Genise, an entomologist at the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences.

While Bugs benefited from the death of the egg, the creatures were probably essential to keep the nest clean all titanosaur added co-author Laura Sarzetti, another entomologist at the museum.

Devouring rotten things, washing insects established in the nest of potentially dangerous microbes.

Fossil cocoons found described in the July issue of the journal Paleontology.


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