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Review; CyberPower LAN Party EVO Mini

Can a dual-core take on a quad-core? Yes, it can .....
It 'a good mind to think like, or a Silverstone SG07 is just the beginning of the cold? SG07 We suspect it is this cold. After all, the platform that the Cyber-used applications on the LAN Mini EVO seems to be the same chassis, we used our "Wee-Ass Kicking Machine"

As with the WAKM, the SG07 is limited to a single PCI-E slot and a Mini-ITX board, but that does not mean the CyberPower and WAKM are the same. In fact, could not be more different.

LAN Party EVO Mini has AMD Radeon HD 6870 new cards, while WAKM used a 1 GB Gigabyte GeForce GTX 460 cards. WAKM used the Zotac board with integrated Wi-Fi, while the Cyber-Power goes out for a Gigabyte GA-H55N-USB3 table.

The real tragedy here is the choice of processor. Both platforms use mini Intel chips, but had incredible WAKM 2.93 GHz Core i7-870 quad-core CyberPower chooses an i5-655k. K indicates that the chip is unlocked to support overclocking, and takes CyberPower advantage of that by pushing the chip up to 4.32GHz. For the 655K, which has been publicly overclocked to 5GHz, it’s no stretch. We didn’t overclock the proc in our own mini because the stock LGA1156 cooler isn’t the greatest for that purpose. CyberPower overcomes its rig’s thermal limitations by somehow stuffing an Asetek 550LC into the tiny chassis.

Despite the overclocking, we were pretty sure that the ass kicking machine Wee prevail. With 120 GB SSD and quadcore without a doubt the EVO Mini LAN party would dust, right? Falsehood.

Although LAN Party EVO Mini is ranked second in three of our benchmarks, it has actually managed to defeat the Wee Ass Kicking machines in the two benchmarks and attach it to another. A quick look at our reference table will tell you what happened: In multithreaded applications, where multi-core issue, the EVO Mini LAN Party loses 16 to 17 percent. The three applications that do not work win or draw the two additional cores in WAKM, which gives the clocks high on the advantage of mini-LAN Party EVO. Reference points in the game, STALKER CyberPower lost, but his lead until he presses the clock before Far Cry 2. For most, this is a random reference.

Please note, we take care of the desktop standard benchmark at 2560x1600 to stress the Super-car game. This is one of the GPU, a sub-$ 1500 boxes, not the best representation of the resolution, which many people are playing. In other words, it's 1920x1080, both machines can throw almost anything would be today.

In the end, CyberLink Power Lan Party Mini EVO is a sweet, small, compact plant. It 'also a time for a tasty, at $ 1.250 a discount on our beautiful WAKM, which tilt the scale of $ 1,653. So, it's cheaper, almost to the performance, and still is water cooled. Our book, you win.

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