Minggu, 03 Juli 2011

Five online games with great visual style

We’re not the biggest fans of blurring the line between advertisement and gaming, but we’re willing to make exceptions in two instances: 1) When it comes to frosty, delicious milk. 2) When the game in question is a beautifully imagined and well thought-out virtual board game, with graphics that still look amazing three years aft er the fact.
And what do you know—Get the Glass succeeds on both of those counts! It’s almost like we planned it that way.

Organ trail is a lot like the classic edu-tainment title Oregon Trail, but with one key diff erence: zombies. A side from the introduction of the fl esh-eating horde, the game plays very much like the original, as it absolutely nails the 8-bit look.
So, stock up on medical kits and spare mufflers, hop in the station wagon, and try and make your way to the end of the Organ Trail.

Yet another Doritos-related site, Hotel626 is a decidedly non-snack-related horror puzzle game, which challenges you to escape from a haunted hotel while solving challenges and avoiding an untimely demise. The puzzles aren’t going to thrill seasoned adventure gamers, but the overall production value is impressive, as is the novel use of elements like your webcam, microphone, and even your cell phone.
One thing though: You can only play the game at night. (If you’re sneaky, you might try changing your system clock to sometime aft er 6pm).

The full version of Machinarium is available for purchase on Steam, but the demo is still an amazing example of the kind of things that can be done in Flash. With its combination of stunning, hand-painted graphics and fi endish puzzles, this game is a must-play for any adventure-game fan. Fair warning: You’re going to have a hard time not buying the full version.

Halfway between a physics puzzle game and a Winampstyle visualization, Auditorium manages to strike a great balance between beautiful, colorful graphics and gameplay that’s actually fun and challenging. Don’t give up on the game aft er the fi rst few levels—it gets more challenging and engaging starting in the second set of levels.

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