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David Beckham Takes Her Three To A Celebratory Dinner After The Baby Is Born To Harper

The boy-heavy household Beckham has become a little more even with the birth on Sunday, the girl Sept. Harper

So perhaps not so surprising that David Beckham was lucky to catch a night with her three-one day after the baby is born.

According to People, 36 year old football player took over in Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, six and eight years, Cruz, out to dinner Fig & Olive Restaurant in West Hollywood expensive.

"Everything was very good mood, and left happy," a source told the site.

David and her three sitting with members of Victoria's family who were in the city of Great Britain, and they said they liked the dishes, including filet mignon and mashed potatoes olive oil.

"The children seemed happy, but they are like boys," a source close to the family said. "It will be interesting to see how they take care of their little sister."

After the birth of his daughter on Sunday morning, David made an announcement on her Facebook page.

"I feel very proud and happy to announce the birth of our daughter in September Beckham Harper wrote.

"She weighed 10 ounces healthy 7 pounds and arrived at 7.55 this morning here in Los Angeles. Victoria is really good and his brothers are delighted to have a little sister."

The child was born by caesarean section, in the same way that children of older Beckham.

Sources told The Sun that David was so happy with the new arrival, he was literally crying with joy.

Insider said: "David is crying with joy are all so happy.."

The decision of the "Beckham name their newborn daughter after Harper is reported to be a character of your child's favorite television Wizards of Waverly Place, which features a character named Harper Finkle.

"The whole family had input - Victoria and David love the name, but it was the guys who actually had her," a source said.

"Victoria is liked because it's Olde English name, and even though Harper is an American by birth, has always been rooted in England."

Mail has been told that the former England captain Beckham, used to read books based on Wizards of Waverly Place series of three children, when they were younger.

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